Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Fun

Christmas is over for another year. We had a wonderful time with a few new things that hopefully will be traditions in future years. Instead of our usual dinner of Japanese and then obnoxious drive in search of Christmas lights I hit upon the perfect game plan that will be used from now on. We ate dinner at a wonderful little Itallian place where most of us enjoyed wine or a cocktail. We then stopped at Starbucks for coffee to go and I provided the generous addition of Baileys once back in the car. The lights have never looked so beautiful and the kids have never been so accommodating. I've decided that once our family increases with marriages in the distant future, we will procure a bus and driver and it will be a highlight each year.
I cooked a Christmas Eve brunch as another new experience. I detest the smell of breakfast so my family rarely has the treat of a breakfast at home. Planning for a noon meal fixed that and the champagne toast probably helped as well.
Our Christmas was great and the kids were happy with all that they received. What a wonderful feeling as a mom, right!!
The decorations will remain for the next week or so. The kids want everything up until they leave for school so I'm game. I will be taking down some of the decorations that I installed for others during January so I will get to mine when I am able.
I bought myself a new iPad after Christmas. We had one but never really used it. After watching the kids on theirs I couldn't stand it. So, gals let me know some apps that are highly recommended. I do not have the patience to spend hours browsing the app store so please let me know ones you love.
Happy New Year to you wonderful readers who kept me in your reader!!!! I'm very excited to come up with new resolutions that will probably be broken by the end of the month!!!


The Chic Chauffeur said...

So glad you had fun!

Jillian, Inc said...

Sounds like you had some nice, new memories! Happy New Year!

Southern Lady said...

So glad to hear you had a nice Christmas. Best wishes to you and your family for good health, peace, and happiness in the new year.

nancygrayce said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!!! I love you because you love botox and so do I! :)

Happy New Year!!

Joyce said...

I saw your comment on Carrie's blog...I dont' think I've been here in a while. Happy New Year! I love my ipad-mosty I read blogs, check my facebook and am seriously addicted to Words with Friends and Pinterest both. I also love an app called restaurant finder and I use the kindle app regularly.

Bella Michelle said...

You idea of a bus and driver sounds right up my alley!!! This year was so warm on the night we decided to ride to look at lights...we got milkshakes instead of hot cocoa!

Thank you so much for coming by and leaving me some sweet encouragment during this trying time with my little man!

Mary Elizabeth said...

I just read your blog header! I love it!!

Lisa said...

Love your new traditions! Funny how things change as the kids get older.

I hate the smell of breakfast too!! My husband cooks sausage outside on the grill (in a frying pan) every Christmas morning because I won't let him cook it in the house!

Maggie said...

Happy New Year, a little late! Love the new Christmas tradition.