Thursday, February 2, 2012

Clean, Purge, Clean, Purge

January is definitely the month for purging, is it not. I help a friend install Christmas decorations at some very large homes each season. After Christmas, we return to take it all down. Nothing makes me want to get rid of "stuff" more than seeing these big houses crammed with who knows what. I always come home from each one with the thought that I am clearing out everything in my house I don't use. Happens every January. Each year I think that I've done a great job and then January rolls around again and I still have LOADS to take to Goodwill. Seriously. It's embarrassing. This year not only did I again clean out closets, drawers and garages, but I also got rid of furniture.  Probably not the best idea of mine since I have college kids but I did it anyway.  My plan is to take another look at everything in a month and see what else needs to go.  I am on a roll!
In the midst of all the purging, I have decided that I want to redo our bedroom. I have a very traditional home and love a jewel toned style of living. However, I'm ready to mix it up, with Pinterest being the main culprit. Seriously, I can pin all day long!  I think my style is not what has been the rage for the past couple of years.  I know "french country" style is everywhere now but it just is not for me. It looks great in other peoples' homes but just does not fit my style. The light colors and tones of grey just don't speak to me.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to narrow down what I do want and the "speak to me" that I want is being strangely mute. The sleigh bed I have is staying as is the white matelasse coverlet.  I've bought one new nightstand and swing arm lights but everything else is at a standstill. I refuse to spend $2000 on bed linens that must be dry cleaned. I like to be able to throw things in the wash and be done with it. This narrows down many of the fabrics that I love but just are not practical. So ladies, HELP!!! Toss some ideas my way. Send some pictures and ideas. It took me ten years to complete my family room and I'd really like to see the bedroom done in far less time!

As many of you know, I live in Texas. As some of you write about the cold weather in other parts of the country, can I just say ya'll make me sick ha! This has been the mildest winter I can remember and we have had some mild ones the last few years. I have even put a reminder on my cell phone calendar that will go off on September 1st. DO NOT BUY ANY SWEATERS! I haven't  worn the lightest weight ones I have., never mind the actual winter ones. I think it is time to face the fact that we don't have an actual winter here and I need to put the money I spend on darling sweaters to actual clothes I will wear for 10 months out of the year. I really detest summer clothes. Really! But, I am going to break down and but some comfy, chic summer clothes and just get over the fact that I have to wear them. I know linen is the thing to wear but, oh my I hate the wrinkled look.   We have more days in the 80-100 degree range than ever and my wardrobe is screaming to ban wool.  So, send some clothing ideas this way too.  January and February are the months to reinvent one's home and self,  right?

Advice, ladies. Advice. That is what I'm looking for today!